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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Accessing Accumulo from a different machine
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2015 22:24:49 GMT
Oops, sorry. I used '>' to denote the shell prompt. The bits below where 
it converted them to a quote is just meant to denote commands that are 
run inside the zkCli :)

Josh Elser wrote:
> If you're using the same exact code on both machines, it sounds like you
> might have something unexpected going on with your networking.
> Accumulo can share ZooKeeper and HDFS instances -- it uses the notion of
> an InstanceID to do this. The InstanceID is a UUID assigned to an
> Accumulo instance during `accumulo init`. Because a UUID is hard to
> memorize, and you need to identify the Accumulo instance you want to
> connect to in the client API, there is also a mapping of some
> 'easy-to-remember' name to that UUID. For example 'daves_accumulo' maps
> to '12345678-1234-1234-123456789012'.
> The error you're seeing is because the UUID your client found from the
> `instanceName` is different than the instanceID the Accumulo server has.
> A quick sanity check is to look at ZooKeeper:
> -server your_zk_host:2181
>> get /accumulo/instances/your_instance_name
> Compare the value of that node (first line of output) with the instance
> ID displayed on the Accumulo monitor (top of the page). They should be
> the same.
> I don't think I've ever seen this personally, so I'm not sure what to
> guess at how it happened. It's possible you might have networking messed
> up and are talking to a different ZooKeeper than you think you are
> (common problem if you have misconfigured a quorum and each ZK node is
> acting independent instead of together). A quick fix would be to change
> the node in ZK to the correct instance ID.
> -server your_zk_host:2181
>> delete /accumulo/instances/your_instance_name
>> create /accumulo/instances/your_instance_name instance_id_from_monitor
> If that doesn't help, please give us some more information (versions
> you're using, how you set up the system, anything special you did).
> David Patterson wrote:
>> I'm running a very simple test configuration with on Ubuntu 14
>> machine. If I run code on that machine I can read the data I've added.
>> I'm only using column family name, (empty_text for the qualifier) and
>> a value -- no authorizations.
>> When I run the exact same program (identical jar) on another Ubuntu 14
>> machine, I get
>> org.apache.accumulo.core.client.AccumuloSecurityException: Error
>> INVALID_INSTANCEID for user dave - Unknown security exception
>> at
>> org.apache.accumulo.core.client.impl.ServerClient.execute(
>> at
>> org.apache.accumulo.core.client.impl.ConnectorImpl.<init>(
>> at
>> org.apache.accumulo.core.client.ZooKeeperInstance.getConnector(
>> at<init>(
>> at
>> Caused by: ThriftSecurityException(user:dave, code:INVALID_INSTANCEID)
>> The error occurs on the instance.getConnector call (the second line
>> below)
>> instance = new ZooKeeperInstance(instanceName, zooServers);
>> connector = instance.getConnector( acUserName, new PasswordToken(
>> acPassword));
>> One possible source for strangeness is that both of these machines are
>> on a cloud server. Each of them has 2 ip addresses -- one that is
>> available from the outside, and one that is available only inside the
>> cloud. I'm using the outside-the-cloud ip address in the zooServers
>> string.
>> The /etc/hosts file on the machine with the Accumulo data has the
>> external ip address as the name of the machine. It also has
>> defined as localhost.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Dave Patterson

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