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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject conn.createTable hangs in MiniAccumuloCluster
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2015 19:23:30 GMT
i'm playing with MiniAccumuloCluster, and can
create a namespace, and list tables, but when i try to create
a table (conn.getTableOperations().create(tableName)),
the call never returns - just hangs there ...

if i break out of that, and then list the tables, then the table exists.

i don't see anything at all in logs/*.{out,err}

any clues on diagnosing the issue?

i'm using 1.6.2 rc5, java 1.8.0_31 on OSX.

(i was wondering if java 8 could be the issue - i can't build from git 
due to some class version problem.  but, other M.A.C. stuff seems ok (so 
i don't know how to fall back to java 7 or java 6, if that is something i'll
have to try)

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