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From Josh Elser <>
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 20:49:33 GMT
Cool stuff, Wyatt. Thanks for sharing.

Any interest in contributing this upstream to Accumulo?

I know David M has also done some work with Vagrant in the past, so 
maybe we could get some collaboration in place. I've only hacked on it 
to date.

Wyatt Frelot wrote:
> Good day all,
> I have completed the development of a Vagrant Accumulo Cluster. It
> automatically installs and configures Hadoop 2.4.1, Accumulo 1.6.1, and
> ZooKeeper 3.4.6 with "basic" settings. I tried to designed it being able
> to update the cluster with minimum effort. Hopefully that is the case.
> Cluster Information: Vagrant cluster initializes 4 nodes w/ 1.5GB of RAM
> on a private network. If you look in the “Vagrantfile", I believe this
> information would be easy to see and adjust if needed. All of the node
> related info is located on under the “Additional Information” header of
> the link below. Nodes use typical vagrant usernames and passwords.
> Setup Instructions:
> I included as much information as I thought would be useful. Feel free
> to provide feedback on the value of the instructions.
> Testing: I have been able to get it to work with minimum adjustments on
> Linux Platforms (Ubuntu, CentOS), Window 7 & 8, and Mac OSX. Main
> problems have occurred on window platforms (ssh and virtualbox path
> issues. Workarounds are identified in instructions)
> Hope it is helpful and useful.
> --
> Wyatt J. Frelot

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