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From "Kina Winoto" <>
Subject Adding a tablet to a tserver
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2015 18:08:21 GMT

I'm running a local instance of accumulo with just one tablet server. I got into a rut and
now I don't have any tablets. There is data still in hdfs but I assume the data is corrupted
so the tablets aren't being assigned to the tablet server. Is there a way I can force a tablet
to be assigned? I don't mind giving up a portion of my data (or all of it) at this point.
I'd just rather not have to reinitialize accumulo and recreate all the users and set up all
my tables again. Maybe I can force a tablet assignment and then delete the tables that are

I've encountered a similar issue on a many-node cluster and would like to know if my only
option is to reinitialize accumulo.


- Kina

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