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From Denis <>
Subject Re: Moving HDFS name node to another host in accumulo 1.6
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2015 00:53:27 GMT

Table "accumulo.metadata" contains absolute urls in a form of
I do not know how to work around it, except of patching accumulo code
adding .replace(OLD_NODE, NEW_NODE) into relevant places

On 1/17/15, Calvin Feder <> wrote:
> We need to move the HDFS name node of our cluster to a new host (the old
> host is experiencing hardware issues and may die at any time).  We need to
> keep the current accumulo data.  We are trying to do it in a test
> environment and running into numerous issues. We stopped the cluster, moved
> the name node to a new host, and restarted the cluster.  We changed the
> entry in zookeeper for the accumulo root tablet to the new location, and got
> accumulo to start.  We see all of the tables we expected to see in accumulo,
> and they show up in the monitor as "online", but the monitor shows that no
> tablets or entries exist in those tables, and obviously we cannot scan
> them.
> This is an example of what we are seeing:
> [cid:image002.png@01D031A9.978AE280]
> Has anyone tried to do something similar?  What are we missing?
> Thank you,
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