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From "覃璐"<>
Subject Re: why the table not balance when i start a new tablet server
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2014 03:34:02 GMT
thanks for replay.

i check the debug log by grep balance,it show two type message:
1.[balancer.TableLoadBalancer] INFO : Loaded class org.apache.accumulo.server.master.balancer.DefaultLoadBalancer
for table
2. [balancer.DefaultLoadBalancer] DEBUG: balance ended with 0 migrations
there is no error or warn in the log and"Recent Logs" page.

my question is that when i add a new tablet ,why accumulo do not process balance ?
the new tablet server has no hosted table.

发送时间:2014年12月21日(周日) 13:15
主题:Re: why the table not balance when i start a new tablet server

Like Eric said, check the master_*.debug.log (grep for balance will probably show a reason
why). Also, you should be able to see the same warning on the Accumulo monitor Recent Logs
page. If you still cant find anything wrong looking at the logs, just restart the master process
as a quick-fix. 覃璐 wrote:    i see the master debug log ,but i not found error log.  
why a tablet offine not balancing?? the tablet 02 dead yet,and i restart  it,but no table
hosted in it.     now i restart accumulo,i stop-all and start-all,why the tablet server  not
balance,the 04 no table.     原始邮件  *发件人:* Eric 
*收件人:*;  *发送时间:*
2014年12月20日(周六) 01:36  *主题:* Re: why the table not balance when i start a
new tablet server   If the master is not balancing, it will tell you why in the master debug
 log.   Some reasons for not balancing:   1) a tablet server is not responding to status requests
 2) a balance plan is already being executed  3) a tablet is offline   -Eric   On Fri, Dec
19, 2014 at 9:43 AM, John Vines wrote:   The default
load balancer tries to balance each table, so if you  have several small (single tablet) tables,
they will never be  migrated since theyre currently balanced.    On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 2:18
AM, 覃璐 wrote:    i have three tablet server,but
one had falt yet.  then i re-start the tablet server,and i see it in the monitor  page,but
the table not balance,it only has a table which i  create now.  the document say that master
will balance tables when tablet  server falt,but why it not balance tables when a servlet
server  add??
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