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From Christopher <>
Subject Accumulo available in Fedora 21
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 20:25:39 GMT

Fedora Linux now ships with Accumulo 1.6 packaged and available in its yum
repositories, as of Fedora 21. Simply run "yum install accumulo" to get
started. You can also just install sub-packages, as in "yum install

You can get Fedora 21 at its website:

If you see any bugs that are Fedora-specific, file a bug here: There are a few known issues right now.
Namely, the monitor service is not yet packaged, due to licensing
restrictions. And, you still have to configure Hadoop and ZooKeeper first.
If anybody wants to help out with the Fedora packaging, let me know. Right
now, I'm just trying to do it when I get some spare cycles.

Christopher L Tubbs II

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