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From Christopher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Request for feedback on deprecation
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2014 22:45:48 GMT
Hello Accumulators,

On the mailing list, we are currently engaged in a
discussion about what kinds of things are safe/warranted to remove in a
future Accumulo release (1.7.0). Dropping deprecated APIs reduces testing
and maintenance burdens, while allowing more flexibility to evolve our APIs
in ways that make sense. Conversely, keeping deprecated APIs around longer
lowers the burden on upgrades and eases the transition to newer versions.
So, it's important that we strike the right balance for users and

While people's individual opinions differ, there's a general view that
anything deprecated prior to 1.5.0 will be okay to omit from 1.7.0
(especially since 1.4.x is now EOL), while anything deprecated more
recently we should be more conservative and only remove for good reasons.

We are asking for your feedback to inform this conversation. So, if you
have any opinions about APIs deprecated prior to 1.7.0 that you still
need/want to stick around in 1.7.0, please respond here. Thank you.

Note: this conversation is specifically related to 1.x versions of
Accumulo, because in 2.x, we plan on having much stricter API compatibility
guarantees (probably similar to semver, although the details have not yet
solidified), because we do understand the general frustration with API
churn. So, please focus this thread around 1.7.x (and future 1.x versions,
if there are any) and not general API churn concerns. Thanks.

Christopher L Tubbs II

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