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From Matthew Dailey <>
Subject 1.6.0: Namespace.CREATE_TABLE not enforced?
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2014 00:35:27 GMT
>From a clean Accumulo 1.6.0 install, I created a new user, gave them
System.CREATE_TABLE, and created a new namespace, but did not give that
user any permissions to that namespace.  However, I was then able to create
a table under that namespace as the new user.

Is there some default openness for namespaces?  My use case is having a
user able to make sandbox tables within their own personal namespace.


P.S.  Command dump follows:

root@accumulo> createuser user
root@accumulo> grant -u user -s System.CREATE_TABLE
root@accumulo> createnamespace foo
root@accumulo> user user

user@accumulo> createtable
user@accumulo> insert a b c d
user@accumulo> scan
a b:c []    d
user@accumulo> userpermissions
System permissions: System.CREATE_TABLE

Namespace permissions (accumulo): Namespace.READ

Table permissions (accumulo.metadata): Table.READ
Table permissions (accumulo.root): Table.READ
Table permissions ( Table.READ, Table.WRITE, Table.BULK_IMPORT,

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