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From Tejinder S Luthra <>
Subject Re: How does Accumulo compare to HBase
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 00:16:40 GMT

Mike did a pretty good presentation on performance comparison between
Accumulo / HBase. Again not official IMO but is pretty detailed in the
approach take and apples-apples comparison

From:	Jeremy Kepner <>
To:	<>
Date:	06/23/2014 07:42 PM
Subject:	Re: How does Accumulo compare to HBase

Performance is probably the largest difference between Accumulo and HBase.

Accumulo can ingest/scan at a rate of 800K entries/sec/node.
This performance scales well into the hundreds of nodes to deliver
100M+ entries/sec.

There are no recent HBase benchmarks and none in the peer-reviewed
Old data suggests that HBase performance is ~1% of Accumulo performance.

In short, one can often replace a 20+ node database with
a single node Accumulo database.

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 01:55:54AM +0800, Jianshi Huang wrote:
> Er... basically I need to explain to my manager why choosing Accumulo,
> instead of HBase.
> So what are the pros and cons of Accumulo vs. HBase? (btw HBase 0.98 also
> got cell-level security, modeled after Accumulo)
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> Jianshi Huang
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> Twitter: @jshuang
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