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From David Medinets <>
Subject Unable to load Iterator with setscaniter and setshelliter
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2014 02:55:42 GMT
I'm sure that I'm overlooking something simple. I can load my iterator
using setiter but not with setscaniter or setshelliter.

Here is my do-nothing iterator:

public class MyIterator extends WrappingIterator implements OptionDescriber

    public IteratorOptions describeOptions() {
        String name = "dummy";
        String description = "Dummy Description";
        Map<String, String> namedOptions = new HashMap<String, String>();
        List<String> unnamedOptionDescriptions = null;
        return new IteratorOptions(name, description, namedOptions,

    public boolean validateOptions(Map<String, String> options) {
        return true;


I copy the jar file out to HDFS:

hadoop fs -mkdir /user/vagrant/d4m/classpath
hadoop fs -put /vagrant/schema/target/d4m_schema-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

I set the table-specific classpath context:

createtable atest
table atest
insert row cf cq value
config -s
config -t atest -s table.classpath.context=d4m

Now I can configure the iterator and scan over the single row without a

setiter -n MyIterator -p 10 -scan -minc -majc -class
deleteiter -n MyIterator -scan -minc -majc

However, the setscaniter commands fails:

root@instance atest> setscaniter -n MyIterator -p 10 -class
2014-06-15 02:54:14,098 [shell.Shell] WARN : Deprecated, use setshelliter
Dummy Description
2014-06-15 02:54:14,126 [shell.Shell] ERROR: Command could
not be initialized (Unable to load com.codebits.d4m.iterator.MyIterator)

As does the setshelliter:

root@instance atest> setshelliter -pn d4m -n MyIterator -p 10 -class
Dummy Description
2014-06-15 02:55:07,025 [shell.Shell] ERROR: Command could
not be initialized (Unable to load com.codebits.d4m.iterator.MyIterator)

I don't see any messages in the log files.

Any suggestions to resolve these issues?

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