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From "David O'Gwynn" <>
Subject Thrift proxy: Python WholeRowIterator behavior
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2014 17:59:20 GMT
Hi all,

I'm working with the Python Thrift API for the Accumulo proxy service,
and I have a bit of odd behavior happening. I'm using Accumulo 1.5
(the standard one from the Accumulo website).

Whenever I use the WholeRowIterator with a Scanner, I cannot configure
the Range for that Scanner to correctly return the start row for the
Range. E.g. for the Range('row0',true,'row0',true) [to pull a singe
row], it returns zero entries. For Range('row0',true,'row1\0',true),
it returns only "row1".

>From the WholeRowIterator documentation, this behavior implies that
the startInclusive bit was set to False, which it clearly wasn't.

I've been able to hack around this issue by setting the start key to

Key(row=(row[:-1]+chr(ord(row[-1])-1))+'\0', inclusive=False)

but I'd really rather understand the correct way of using a Range
object in conjunction with a WholeRowIterator.

Thanks much,


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