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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Thrift proxy: Python WholeRowIterator behavior
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 02:00:21 GMT
On 4/13/14, 9:13 PM, David O'Gwynn wrote:
> If the versioning iterator is attached, and the WRI's priority is <=
> the versioning iterator's priority, then you see this behavior (the
> first row of a WRI scan gets dropped). If you change the priority for
> the WRI in your code to <=20, then you'll see it, Josh.
> Still not sure why this would be the case; seems an odd behavior.
> Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help me suss this out.:-)

Hrm, interesting.

What you described with the versioning iterator doesn't make much sense, 
but I tried it out anyways. Setting WRI below versioning didn't change 
the results. Also, completely removing the versioning iterator didn't 
change anything.

For fun, I inserted some new values for the same key and ensured that I 
got both values when versioning was configured below.

I'm still not sure what exactly the root of your problem.

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