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From Russ Weeks <>
Subject Combiner behaviour
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 22:18:04 GMT
The accumulo manual states that combiners can be applied to values which
share the same rowID, column family, and column qualifier. Is there any way
to adjust this behaviour? I have rows that look like,

000200001ccaac30 meta:size []    1807
000200001ccaac30 meta:source []    data2
000200001cdaac30 meta:filename []    doc02985453
000200001cdaac30 meta:size []    656
000200001cdaac30 meta:source []    data2
000200001cfaac30 meta:filename []    doc04484522
000200001cfaac30 meta:size []    565
000200001cfaac30 meta:source []    data2
000200001dcaac30 meta:filename []    doc03342958

and I'd like to sum up all the values of meta:size across all rows.  I know
I can scan the sizes and sum them on the client side, but I was hoping
there would be a way to do this inside my cluster. Is mapreduce my only
option here?


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