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From Geoffry Roberts <>
Subject Accumulo and OSGi
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 14:58:59 GMT

I have a project for which Accumulo it appears will serve well.  However, I
have a significant amount of code I want to leverage that runs in OSGi.  I
don't need for Accumulo itself to be OSGi based but the Accumulo client
yes.  I see that the Accumulo client uses all the dependencies of the
Hadoop client and therefore is not OSGi ready at this time.  The Hadoop
client certainly doesn't do OSGi--I don't think it can even spell it
:-)--and attempting to make it so starts turning into a sure path to a long
sojourn through dependency hell.  I know, I've tried.

Nonetheless, I would like to ask: Is there any interest in the Accumulo
world of having an OSGi based client for this otherwise very appealing

Thanks mucho
There are ways and there are ways,

Geoffry Roberts

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