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From Keith Turner <>
Subject Re: Deep-copying RowFilter
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 16:24:55 GMT
On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Russ Weeks <>wrote:

> Hi,
> org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.user.RowFilter doesn't have a deepCopy
> method, which seems to mean that I can't chain multiple RowFilters together.

> Looking at some examples (GrepIterator, SortedKeyIterator) it seems pretty
> easy to provide an implementation of deepCopy, the only thing that concerns
> me is this part of the javadoc: "Creates a deep copy of this iterator *as
> though seek had not yet been called*". There are a bunch of conditions
> where RowFilter.skipRows will call seek() on the source iterator and
> decision iterator.

This is tricky. May need to open a ticket about making this easier.  I
think RowFilter should have a protected constructor to aid w/ deepCopy().
If you need to implement deepCopy (you may not see comments below), then I
think you would need to do something like the following.

public class SomeRowFilter extends RowFilter {

  private Map<String,String> options;

  public SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> deepCopy(IteratorEnvironment
env) {
    SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> dci = getSource().deepCopy(env);
    SomeRowFilter srf = new SomeRowFilter();
    srf.init(dci, options, env);
    return srf;

  public boolean acceptRow(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> rowIterator)
throws IOException {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    return false;

  public void init(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> source,
Map<String,String> options, IteratorEnvironment env) throws IOException {
    super.init(source, options, env);
    this.options = options;


> Is the missing implementation of deepCopy just an oversight or are there
> complications here? Where should I look to better understand how/when/why
> accumulo will call my iterator's deepCopy method?

Only a few iterators call deepCopy().  You can chain iterators that do not
implement deepCopy() w/ no problem as long as no iterator tries to call
it.   For example, the IntersectingIterator calls deepCopy() in its init
method (so that it can have multiple independent pointers into a row).  If
you wrapped a RowFilter with IntersectingIterator then your RowFilter would
need to implement deepCopy().

> Thanks,
> -Russ

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