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From John Armstrong <>
Subject Too Many Versions!
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2014 18:23:30 GMT
Using Accumulo 1.4.3, I have a table configured to keep Many (maxint) versions of each key,
with the 
version being interpreted as a timestamp.  Given a set of times I'm interested in, I can pull
the data at exactly those times with no problem.

But I also want another behavior: if I don't have a particular time, I want to respond with
the most 
recent version of the data.  I'm trying to use this code:

   void setScannerForTimestamp(Scanner scanner, DateTime timestamp) {
     if (timestamp == null) {
         IteratorSetting cfg = new IteratorSetting(10, "vers", VersioningIterator.class)
         VersioningIterator.setMaxVersions(cfg, 1)
     } else {
       TimestampSetIterator.setupIterator(scanner, timestamp)

where TimestampSetIterator is my own custom iterator that's already working.

In my table, I have 76063 different data points, each with 31 versions.  When I pass a null

timestamp, I expect to get back 76063 entries.  Instead, I get 76063*31 = 2357953 entries.
 That is, 
it looks like the table is ignoring the part where I setMaxVersions to 1.  What am I missing?

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