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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: "Unknown" Table state
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 07:00:58 GMT
There's an O'Reilly book in the works that I think has a preview available.

The flexibility of Accumulo is that it allows you to create your own 
serialization mechanisms to store/retrieve data. This gives you the 
ability to structure data in such a way that is efficient for your use 
cases. The problem, as you stumbled upon, is that this can be rather 

There are lots of examples that you can look at to help provide some 
examples (e.g. Pig[1], Jaccson[2], OpenTSDB[3], or just look at 
Github[4]). I'm not aware of any library that's general-purpose enough 
for universal use.


On 3/2/14, 11:55 PM, Kevin Cho wrote:
> Currently, I'm trying to learn the basics to get through interview.  So
> far, it seems pretty easy to use. I was able to install Accumulo in
> cluster mode and do some basic admin and table cruds.  However... I'm
> really puzzled on how to architect DAO around Accumulo.  Do I create DAO
> per column family? Is there a another library like hibernate where it
> would automatically deserialize to Java objects?  Thanks again! If you
> have recommended Accumulo book then please let me know as well.

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