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From "O'Neal, Christopher [USA]" <O'>
Subject Node.js Interaction with Accumulo
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 12:27:01 GMT
I’m not sure how much interest there is, but in an attempt to avoid writing Java code to
push and pull data from Accumulo, I whipped up a pyaccumulo inspired package for Node.js to
allow interaction through the Thrift proxy.  It’s still super early on in development, but
you should be able to do basic table operations, scanning and writing, while having a slightly
more streamlined interface than the Thrift generated code.  I saw node-accumulo (,
but it didn’t really fill the need that I had for a library I could drop into an application
and talk to Accumulo with.

The code is available at, and it’s available
on npm for use in any projects.  I know it’s made my life a bit easier while using it the
past couple days, so maybe someone else will find it useful too.


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