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From Hyokwon Lee <>
Subject Re: Accumulo with Kerberos Error
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 20:54:49 GMT
I am seeing a couple differences in my kerberos debug logs depending on if
it is creating the ticket with the keytab or myself manually kiniting using
the same keytab.

Kerberos Debug Log for `hadoop fs -ls /accumulo` after I manually `kinit
-kt /opt/accumulo/conf/accumulo.keytab accumulo/accumulo.test.local`:

Config name: /etc/krb5.conf
>>>KinitOptions cache name is /tmp/krb5cc_0
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream>  client principal is
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> server principal is
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> key type: 18
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> auth time: Thu Feb 27 12:40:33 PST 2014
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> start time: Thu Feb 27 12:40:33 PST 2014
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> end time: Thu Feb 27 12:45:33 PST 2014
>>>DEBUG <CCacheInputStream> renew_till time: Thu Feb 27 13:00:33 PST 2014
CCacheInputStream: readFlags()  FORWARDABLE; RENEWABLE; INITIAL;

Accumulo Kerberos Debug Log:

Client Principal = accumulo/accumulo.test.local@TEST.LOCAL
Server Principal = hdfs/accumulo.test.local@TEST.LOCAL
Forwardable Ticket true
Forwarded Ticket false
Proxiable Ticket false
Proxy Ticket false
Postdated Ticket false
Renewable Ticket false
Initial Ticket false
Auth Time = Thu Feb 27 12:43:22 PST 2014
Start Time = Thu Feb 27 12:43:25 PST 2014
End Time = Thu Feb 27 12:48:22 PST 2014
Renew Till = null

Major differences to note are Server Principal, Renewable and Initial
Flags, and the Renew Till values.  Could this be the cause of my current
issue?  If so why would accumulo using the same keytab and principal get
these different values?



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