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From Arshak Navruzyan <>
Subject deployment architecture
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2014 17:44:03 GMT
Is there a document that describes best practices for Accumulo deployments?

In particular:

1.  Should you run Accumulo on HD data nodes and name nodes? (Is enabling
HDFS short-circuit local reads a good idea?)
2.  If so do you disable map/reduce for nodes that run Accumulo tservers?
3.  Is auto-splitting (by size) done in the real world or do most real apps
have pre-set split points?
4.  Do you let Accumulo decide when to flush and compact or do people write
these into their apps (based on their knowledge of app behavior)

I know the generic answer is "it all depends on your app/workload" but if
anyone wants to still describe their environment it would be helpful.


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