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From "Terry P." <>
Subject Accumulo Standby Master question
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 20:13:03 GMT
I put my secondary namenode in the masters file for the first time with
this latest Accumulo 1.4.2 cluster deployment so it would run as a Standby
Accumulo Master which I read about in the User Guide.  Recently had the
Master lose its Zookeeper lock (network glitch, being researched), and was
glad to see the secondary namenode Master process took over as it should.

But if my Namenode / Accumulo Master server goes down, I also lose the gc,
monitor, and tracer processes as well.  *Can I configure the secondary
namenode in gc, tracer, and monitor files as well, or should they run on
only one host at a time*?  In this case, the GC also lost its Zookeeper
lock, which resulted in a cluster with no GC running at all until I caught

Thanks in advance.

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