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From Dave Mullins <>
Subject Accumulo Upgrade from 1.4.2 to 1.5.0 Issues
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2013 20:17:53 GMT
Hadoop version 0.20.2-cdh3u5
This was installed from the cdh rpms but is not controlled by a cloudera

I read what documentation I could find on the upgrade.
I installed from the tarball version of 1.5.0.
I made sure to include the commons collection in the accumulo library path.
I made sure to add the true to the hdfs-site files.
I did a complete restart ( to include a reboot) of the system.

All of the tablet servers come online
all the master's services come online and seem to be working. (The monitor
does show the correct number of tablets, tablet servers, and so forth.)

I am able to use some of the features of the accumulo shell
I can display the contents of a table.
I can't create or delete a table without getting the following error:
[impl.ThriftTransportPool] WARN: Thread "shell" stuck on io to
x.x.x.x:9999:9999 (0) for at least 120040 ms

When I go digging in the logs I find very few errors. (These systems are
not on a net I can cut and paste to here so I am trying to represent the
issue as best I can.)

There are 4 errors that the Repo runner [0-3] threads died

Another error that springs up occasionally is : WARN: Thread "GC" stuck on
io to x.x.x.x:9999:9999 (0) for at least 120040 ms

A netstat run before I start the master up shows nothing running on port
9999 nor any connections to that port.
A netstat after about the accumulo start shows about 16 connections in a
TIME_WAIT state in the 35k-36k port range from the master. It also show an
established state for 1 both both direction (36783) and inbound from port
9999 to port 47636 also from the master.

It seems after this point anything that tries to connect to port 9999 goes
into a TIME_WAIT and never does anything.

I have checked all the permissions I can think of and everything seems to
be correct.
HDFS is running correctly and jobs not associated with accumulo all see to
be working.

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