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From "Slater, David M." <>
Subject Max tablet size & Pre-splitting
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2013 17:59:25 GMT
First, a quick question: For Accumulo 1.4.2, is there a maximum size that tablet can have?
In other words, if I was to do something like table.split.threshold=1000G, would that actually
allow the tablet to grow to that size, or is there some static maximum, like 2G that a tablet
can have?

The reason I ask this is that I’m doing time-based presplitting of tables, so that I add
a set of split points when I get to a new time range (or one of the tablets reach a certain
size), and then transfer all of my ingest to the new set of tablets created. This keeps me
from needing to do any table splits involving data. Therefore, I would like to set the table
split threshold arbitrarily high, so that my presplitting algorithm can do all the work.

Second, is there a preferred way to estimate the tablet sizes from the Java API? I have the
Ingestion application using my split points and mutation.numBytes() to keep track of the number
of bytes per tablet. Should I be using mutation.memory() instead? Or is there a more direct
way via connector.tableOperations() or some other mechanism to determine the size of the tablet?

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