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From Heath Abelson <>
Subject Trouble with IntersectingIterator
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 19:35:29 GMT
I am attempting to get a very simple example working with the Intersecting Iterator. I made
up some dummy objects for me to do this work:

A scan on the "Mail" table looks like this:

m1 mail:body [U&(USA)]    WTF?
m1 mail:receiver [U&(USA)]    mgiordano
m1 mail:sender [U&(USA)]    habelson
m1 mail:sentTime [U&(USA)]    1380571500
m1 mail:subject [U&(USA)]    Lunch
m2 mail:body [U&(USA)]    I know right?
m2 mail:receiver [U&(USA)]    jmarcolla
m2 mail:sender [U&(USA)]    habelson
m2 mail:sentTime [U&(USA)]    1380571502
m2 mail:subject [U&(USA)]    Lunch
m3 mail:body [U&(USA)]    exactly!
m3 mail:receiver [U&(USA)]    habelson
m3 mail:sender [U&(USA)]    mgiordano
m3 mail:sentTime [U&(USA)]    1380571504
m3 mail:subject [U&(USA)]    Lunch
m4 mail:body [U&(USA)]    Dude!
m4 mail:receiver [U&(USA)]    mcross
m4 mail:sender [U&(USA)]    habelson
m4 mail:sentTime [U&(USA)]    1380571506
m4 mail:subject [U&(USA)]    Lunch
m5 mail:body [U&(USA)]    Yeah
m5 mail:receiver [U&(USA)]    habelson
m5 mail:sender [U&(USA)]    mcross
m5 mail:sentTime [U&(USA)]    1380571508
m5 mail:subject [U&(USA)]    Lunch

A scan on the "MailIndex" table looks like this:

receiver habelson:m3 []    habelson
receiver habelson:m5 []    habelson
receiver jmarcolla:m2 []    jmarcolla
receiver mcross:m4 []    mcross
receiver mgiordano:m1 []    mgiordano
sender habelson:m1 []    habelson
sender habelson:m2 []    habelson
sender habelson:m4 []    habelson
sender mcross:m5 []    mcross
sender mgiordano:m3 []    mgiordano
sentTime 1380571500:m1 []    1380571500
sentTime 1380571502:m2 []    1380571502
sentTime 1380571504:m3 []    1380571504
sentTime 1380571506:m4 []    1380571506
sentTime 1380571508:m5 []    1380571508
subject Lunch:m1 []    Lunch
subject Lunch:m2 []    Lunch
subject Lunch:m3 []    Lunch
subject Lunch:m4 []    Lunch
subject Lunch:m5 []    Lunch

If I use an IntersectingIterator with a BatchScanner and pass it the terms "habelson","mgiordano"
(or seemingly any pair of terms) I get zero results. If, instead, I use the same value as
both terms (i.e. "habelson","habelson") I properly get back the records that contain that

My code is almost identical to the userguide example, and I am using Accumulo 1.4.3

Any help would be appreciated

Heath Abelson
NetCentric Technology, Inc.
3349 Route 138, Building A
Wall, NJ  07719
Phone: 732-544-0888 x159

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