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From Christopher <>
Subject Re: Tunneling over SSH
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 02:37:26 GMT
The easiest solution may be to set up a VPN, though.

Christopher L Tubbs II

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 10:36 PM, Christopher <> wrote:
> You're right that ZK is instructing the client to talk directly to
> (tablet server). As Mike suggested, this could be
> resolved if we stored hostnames rather than IPs, and you had hostnames
> mapped to the external IP, and ports forwarded over SSH.
> A more robust solution would be to have a client-side configuration
> setting that allowed you to specify a SOCKS proxy. The standard system
> properties "socksProxyHost" and "socksProxyPort" may even work today,
> if you set them up as system properties in your client code before you
> open a thrift connection... I haven't tested this myself.
> --
> Christopher L Tubbs II
> On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 7:14 PM,  <> wrote:
>> I'm trying to tunnel via SSH to a single Hadoop,Zoo, Accumulo stand-alone
>> installation. The internal IP of the machine is on a local subnet behind a
>> SSH-only firewall - I use static host names in all of the
>> config files (Accumulo, Zoo, Hadoop) that resolve to for all
>> the servers. There is no problem connecting when I'm directly connected to
>> the subnet inside the firewall.
>> However, when I try to connect via the JAVA API from outside the firewall, I
>> get an error: Failed to find an available server in the list of servers:
>> [ (120000)]. I've created a Windows Loopback
>> interface that allows me to forward unlimited ports directly through the SSH
>> tunnel to the internal network - there is no issue with connecting to Hadoop
>> via Java or the web interface, and I can view the Accumuoo status page at
>> 50095 by just setting my Windows box to resolve the hostname to the loopback
>> local IP -> SSH ->
>> I think the problem is that Zookeeper is telling my Java process to try and
>> make a connection directly to If Zoo would use the
>> hostname, there'd be no problem as it'd resolve to the loopback, and get
>> tunneled along with everything else. But since it uses the actual IP, the
>> Windows box won't route that back through the SSH tunnel as it considers it
>> a local subnet outside of the firewall.
>> Anyone experienced this issue and have a solution? I guess one solution
>> might be to 'trick' Windows into forwarding the 192.168.x.y subnet back
>> through the loopback (-> SSH), but I'm not seeing a good way to do that.
>> Thanks

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