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From Aaron <>
Subject Using Hadoop's MulitpleInputs with AccumuloInputFormat in a MR job
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2013 15:41:46 GMT
I was curious if this is possible (i am thinking it isn't):  from the Java
API, Accumulo 1.5, Hadoop 1.2.1

Want to set 2 different iterators on a scan, and send those results to 2
different Mappers.

So, how'd i do this with files as inputs, is just to use MultipleInputs
class, with 2 different Path, and 2 different Mapper Classes, maybe the
same InputFormat (e.g Text or Sequence)

Since I'm using AccumulInputFormat, I would think I'd be ok..maybe with a
null Path in the MulitpleInputs.addInputPath(), but it's the static
addIterator() on the AccumuloInputFormat that I think is where I lose.

Can I have 2 different AccumuloInputFormats, with different iterators?  I
think the answer is no, and briefly looking at the source, believe that to
be correct..but, was curious if others have done have done something.


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