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From Carlos Mundi <>
Subject Accumulo with Hadoop 1.2.0 -- no tablet servers & dfs settings
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2013 02:01:27 GMT

This is my first time setting up accumulo.  So I'm starting with a single
node "cluster" on Ubuntu 13.04.  My setup is...

hadoop      1.2.0 (prebuilt tarball from Apache) -- The version will turn
out to be important!
zookeeper   3.4.5 (prebuilt tarball from Apache)
accumulo    1.5.0 (custom build, to target hadoop 1.2)

As I understand, because I am running hadoop 1.2, I need to do a custom
build.  So I did, following the README for Accumulo.

So I fire up hadoop, then zookeeper and then accumulo.  Looks good so far:

$ jps
21231 SecondaryNameNode
20733 NameNode
24274 Jps
22556 Main
21994 Main
20978 DataNode
22306 Main
21764 QuorumPeerMain
21570 TaskTracker
22409 Main
21322 JobTracker

Then I try to fire up an accumulo shell (still following the README) and I
am told that there are no tablet servers!  Here is what I get in

2013-08-03 18:32:44,918 [impl.ServerClient] WARN : There are no tablet
servers: check that zookeeper and accumulo are running.

I check jps, and everything is still running.  And here is what I have in

2013-08-03 18:32:41,292 [tabletserver.TabletServer] FATAL: Must set
dfs.durable.sync OR to true.  Which one needs to be set
depends on your version of HDFS.  See ACCUMULO-623.
  HADOOP RELEASE          VERSION           SYNC NAME             DEFAULT
  Apache Hadoop           0.20.205    false
  Apache Hadoop            0.23.x     true
  Apache Hadoop             1.0.x     false
  Apache Hadoop             1.1.x           dfs.durable.sync      true
  Apache Hadoop          2.0.0-2.0.2    true
  Cloudera CDH             3u0-3u3             ????               true
  Cloudera CDH               3u4      true
  Hortonworks HDP           `1.0      false
  Hortonworks HDP           `1.1      false

And, yes, I remember seeing that in the README.  But now you see my
problem.  Hadoop 1.2 is not on the list!

At least, I assume that's my only problem.  :)

Can someone please tell me which of the two dfs options I need?

Thanks very much!


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