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From Frank Smith <>
Subject Wikisearch
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 03:07:32 GMT
Appreciate everyone's help on the file storage question, but I was also looking at Josh's response
to Thomas Jackson, and do I understand him correctly that the scan of the Index (and likely
the ReverseIndex) table are really the key part of the search query, and the full table scan
isn't really useful for much (because all of the tokens should go in the Index tables)?
So if I understand correctly, the partitioned main table is where documents and tokens get
written, and then a combiner feeds the index tables, which are then scanned during a search?
What would I lose if I wanted to avoid Thomas's OOME and just skip the full table scan part
of the search?  
Obviously, since I am not searching Wikipedia, I am going to be making some changes, just
want to do it smartly.
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