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From Mike Hugo <>
Subject Backup Strategies
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 18:05:46 GMT
I'm curious to know how people are backing up data in Accumulo.

We are planning on copying data out of HDFS on a some regular basis to be
able to do full restore.

We've also ended up getting into a state of having a corrupt !METADATA
table a few times.  I'm wondering if doing a clone on a few tables on a
periodic basis (like every hour, for a few hours) might be one way to help
us recover from that situation.

E.g if we did a clone on all tables, including the !METADATA table hourly,
and we didn't necessarily care about losing data in the last hour time
frame, could we simply restore from one of those clones if we get into a
corrupted state?

Is there another mechanism for snapshotting / backing up data in Accumulo?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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