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From John Vines <>
Subject Re: Any good URL/write-ups on the various bin/*.sh files & conf files?
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 20:06:49 GMT
Those files are used for 2 purposes.
1.,, and read all of the files (tup only
uses slaves) to start up the processes. Start-all will go through each file
for each process, ssh to that server (no ssh if the current host) and start
the process. Start-all uses tup for the tserver and logger processes.
Start-here reads through each file, and if the machines match, it will
start that process locally.

2. The files are used in attempts to bind to a port. This is for when your
on a machine with multiple ports, to help it bind on the port you want.
This MAY only actually occur if you're using the above mentioned scripts.

So that said, as long as the configuration of those files is correct for
the node you're on, you can run them there. And on that same note, the
reason you want to keep those various server list files synced is so you
can run start-all/tup from any node and have the same effect.

On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 3:47 PM, Aaron <> wrote:

> Was curious if anyone knew of some decent write-ups on various shell
> scripts? Also, curious about master, slaves, gc, tracers, etc conf files.
> Main reason I ask is about what .sh to run "where."
> For example, have "head" system that is running master/gc/monitor/tracer,
> then we have other various nodes running tserver/logger.
> 1a.  Does every node, including the "head" node need all the conf files
> the same...masters/slaves/tracers, etc?
> 1b. Or does the "master" node only need to know about where the slaves
> are, so it uses the slaves file.  And conversely, do the tserver nodes only
> need to have a master conf file to put themselves to the master?
> 2.  I saw someplace not to use on the compute/storage I
> just use to only bring up the logger/tserver..and NOT the
> other services?
> Basically, there are more questions like this, but, wanted to ask if
> anyone out there has some write-ups to I can RTFM first.  Basically,
> looking for a little more into the weeds that the
> Administration/Installation section of the manual.
> Thanks in advance,
> Aaron

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