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From "Ott, Charles H." <>
Subject Uneven distribute of Hosted Tablets?
Date Thu, 30 May 2013 15:22:40 GMT
First I want to say thanks to the you all.  The information provided by this mailing list has
been invaluable to me and I appreciate it.


My newest concern is the uneven allocation of hosted tablets across my tablet servers:


(Image Pasted below here)


(Image Pasted above here)


I have been reading about pre-splitting tables in the Accumulo guide.  But I am not sure if
that would be the ‘fix’ for this.  (Or even if this needs fixing.)


I have 3 tables that could potentially grow to n number of records.  Currently of those tables
(and there single tablet) reside on the 1620-accumulo server (Hosting 24 tablets).


Since there is already several entries on those tables, would splitting them be appropriate?
 Does splitting guarantee that the new tablets will be allocated to Node1 instead of Node
3? Or perhaps could I “re-balance” the cluster so that all of the tablet servers host
an approximately equal number of tablets?


These tablet servers were all brought up at separate times and I have not performed any optimizations
or custom operations on them.







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