Have you pre-split your tablet to spread the load out to all the machines? 

Does the data distribution match your splits?
Is the ingest data already sorted (that is, it always writes to the last tablet)?

How much memory and how many threads are you using in your batchwriters?

Check the ingest rates on tablet server monitor page and look for hot spots.


On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Jimmy Lin <jimmys.email@gmail.com> wrote:
I am fairly new to Accumulo and am trying to figure out what is preventing my system from ingesting data at a faster rate. We have 15 nodes running a simple Java program that reads and writes to Accumulo and then indexes some data into Solr. The rate of ingest is not scaling linearly with the number of nodes that we start up. I have tried increasing several parameters including:
- limit of file descriptors in linux
- max zookeeper connections
- tserver.memory.maps.max
- tserver_opts memory size
- tserver.mutation_queue.max
- tserver.scan.files.open.max
- tserver.walog.max.size
- tserver.cache.data.size
- tserver.cache.index.size
- hdfs setting for xceivers
No matter what changes we make, we cannot get the ingest rate to go over 100k entries/s and about 6 Mb/s. I know Accumulo should be able to ingest faster than this.
Thanks in advance,
Jimmy Lin