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From Michael Giordano <>
Subject PermGen leak in JBoss
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 13:48:05 GMT
Under version 1.3.7 we are using the following code to initialize a cloudbase connection during
initialization of our web app:

			ZooKeeperInstance instance = new ZooKeeperInstance(instanceName, zooKeepers);
			connector = instance.getConnector(userId, password.getBytes());

The problem is that under the hood, this call creates several (5) threads that are not cleaned
up when the app is undeployed in JBoss. This is occurring without performing any scans or
interacting with cloudbase in any other way. After relatively few redeploys of the app, the
PermGen Space is OOM.

I can't find any reference in the cloudbase API akin to a close() method for the Connector
object. This is a classloader leak effecting any webapp that is accessing cloudbase directly.
The result of this leak is not simply orphaned threads, but thousands of classes not gc'd
because the classloader itself can't be gc'd. This is what is filling up PermGen.

Has anyone discovered this particular issue? Has anyone discovered a solution?

Mike G.

NetCentric Technology, Inc.
3349 Route 138, Building A
Wall, NJ  07719
Phone: 732-544-0888

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