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From Aji Janis <>
Subject Re: Waiting for accumulo to be initialized
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 19:18:02 GMT
Eric and Josh thanks for all your feedback. We ended up *loosing all our
accumulo data* because I had to reformat hadoop. Here is in a nutshell what
I did:

   1. Stop accumulo
   2. Stop hadoop
   3. On hadoop master and all datanodes, from (hdfs-site.xml)
   remove everything under the data folder
   4. On hadoop master, from (hdfs-site.xml) remove everything
   under the name folder
   5. As hadoop user, execute.../hadoop/bin/hadoop namenode -format
   6. As hadoop user, execute.../hadoop/bin/ ==> should
   populate data/ and name/ dirs that was erased in steps 3, 4.
   7. Initialized Accumulo - as accumulo user,  ../accumulo/bin/accumulo
   init (I created a new instance)
   8. Start accumulo

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or thoughts on how I could have
solved the original issue of accumulo waiting initialization without
loosing my accumulo data? Is it possible to do so?

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