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From Corey Nolet <>
Subject Remove table
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 15:53:05 GMT
We have a sharded-event table that failed miserably when we accidentally tried to merge all
of the tablets together. When starting accumulo, the monitor page says the event table (once
having 43k tablets) now has 5 tablets and 1.05B rows. There are 14.5k unassigned tablets,
The tablet servers each have response times ranging from 10s to 1m until eventually they all
die. We thought that it may have been our ulimit on the accumulo master being set to 1024
but raising it to 65535 didn't seem to have any immediate effects.

The Accumulo shell freezes when we try to drop the event table and we've gotten a little experimental
(trying to remove the references to the R files in the !METADATA table manually, removing
the reference to the event table in zookeeper), etc..) Our experiments have mostly ended in
permissions issues.

With that, do you guys have any good techniques/tools for unlinking a busted and unresponsive
table? All of the other tables/tablets seem to be doing just fine.

Thanks in advance!
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