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From Chris Sigman <>
Subject Retrieving 0 rows from Accumulo using Pig
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 13:59:15 GMT
I've recently been trying to get the pig contrib project working, and
as far as I can tell I have it all set up correctly, but when pig
executes the job, it shows 0 rows loaded from the table, even though
there's 50K rows in the table.  I used the helloworld example to
populate a hellotable.  The load line I'm using in Pig is

DATA = LOAD 'accumulo://hellotable?instance=myinst&password=mypass&zookeepers=namenode&columns=f:cnt'
using org.apache.accumulo.pig.AccumuloStorage() AS (row, cf, cq, cv,
s, val);


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