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From "Slater, David M." <>
Subject Doc-Partitioned Index with Wildcards
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:13:19 GMT
I'm trying to set up a document partitioned index that can handle a ranges of terms or wildcards
for queries.

So, if instead of querying "the" AND "green" AND "goblin", it could handle "the" AND "green"
AND "go*" (which would also return "goddess", for instance). Or a search that used "the" AND
"d"-"f" AND "goblin", handling all values between "d" and "f".

Using a typical document-partitioned index, I'm guessing that you might first resolve the
wildcard into a list of terms, and then do a query in the normal fashion. However, this seems
rather inefficient. Is there a separate data structure that would be recommended to handle
this sort of additional functionality?


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