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From Kevin Pauli <>
Subject hierarchical authorizations?
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 19:03:17 GMT
Hi, I'm evaluating accumulo for a project where we'll need to secure the
data based on hierarchical authorizations, using the CAPCO security

I have the authorizations U, C, S, and TS, and my data only has one of
these (not multiples).

I need to allow a user with a U to only see U data.  That's easy enough.
 But a user with C should be able to see both U and C.  A user with S
should be able to see U, C, and S, and a TS user should be able to see them

Can I set these rules up globally, (like I can with Oracle Label Security)?
 Or do I need to explicitly grant U,C to the C user, U,C,S to the S user,
and U,C,S,TS to the TS user?

Kevin Pauli

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