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From Anthony Fox <>
Subject ranges and iterators that transform results
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:51:24 GMT
I am trying to limit scans to a subset of stored rows by setting ranges.
 The scan has an iterator that does some aggregation and transformation of
the result.  Specifically, it changes the rowid to be more meaningful but
at the same time outside of the specified range.  By instrumenting the
iterator with debug messages, I can verify that the expected rows are
actually processed.  But it appears that the range filter is applied to the
result of the transformation that the iterator is making.  Basically, I'm
trying to get something like a sql projection:

select myTransformation(id) from myTable where id between (start and end);

Is it possible to set the precedence of the range filter and the iterator
that I am using so that I can do this transformation without filtering all
the results?


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