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From Jim Klucar <>
Subject Easy Accumulo Setup?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 20:27:46 GMT
Hey everyone,

I always see the "MongoDB in 5 min" posts and think we should have
something like that for Accumulo. Well, it's not 5 minutes, and it's
not a single "run this, sit back" script yet, but here's a start:

It uses git submodules and a few bash scripts to download, compile,
install, and configure everything needed to run Accumulo on a single
machine. Hopefully the README can walk you through the current steps
required for this to work. Currently you have to initiate the builds
by hand because the Zookeeper build fails during packaging when run
from the script, but not from the command line.  I'd like
to find a good place to pull pre-compiled tarballs from, but I didn't
want to just pick a single mirror and nail them with traffic.

Any feedback would be great.


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