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From "Cardon, Tejay E" <>
Subject Iterators and seeking the middle of a row
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 19:50:52 GMT
The javadoc for states:
"Iterators that examine groups of adjacent key/value pairs (e.g. rows) to determine their
top key and value should be sure that they properly handle a seek to a key in the middle of
such a group (e.g. the middle of a row). Even if the client always seeks to a range containing
an entire group (a,c), the tablet server could send back a batch of entries corresponding
to (a,b], then reseek the iterator to range (b,c) when the scan is continued."

However, it gives no indication of what proper handling is.  What should an iterator that
considers and entire row do in this case?  Does it simply ignore the row?  Attempt to seek
its source iterator to the full row of the first range?  I'm struggling to understand the
best approach here.

In my specific case, if it matters, I'm largely looking for ColumnQualifiers which exist in
all Column Families in a given set (intersecting iterator, sortof).


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