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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Intersecting & OR iterators
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2012 12:34:58 GMT

Sure, your proposed solution should work very well. After finding a 
document, if you can construct a Range that encompasses many documents, 
it would be trivial to create some code to aggregate many documents 
instead of just one.

Have you taken a look at the wikisearch example? It has the ability to 
specify arbitrary boolean expressions, wrapping multiple Intersecting 
and Or iterators. The wikisearch code is now stored in contrib, a 
directory above trunk in subversion. A write-up Eric Newton composed -

- Josh

On 8/29/12 10:51 PM, Corey Nolet wrote:
> I've been using the intersecting iterator to give me server side AND 
> intersections with Accumulo 1.4.0 and I'm currently in the process of 
> upgrading to Accumulo 1.4.1. I see the IntersectingIterator has been 
> deprecated and the IndexedDocIterator has taken it's place. If I'm 
> reading through the examples correctly- I see that the 
> IndexedDocIterator is forcing a schema that assumes your doc contents 
> can all be mashed together into one data structure in the value of the 
> index row (in my case, I've got a bunch of key/value pairs as the 
> contents). What if I need this contents to be separated so I can apply 
> cell level visibility to the query? Does it make sense to put a UUID 
> to another index as the "contents" and then perform another lookup 
> once after retrieving the intersection result? I've been looking all 
> over the place for good examples of this schema so I admit that I 
> could be missing some key things in my understanding while reading 
> through the source code.
> Also, AND queries are nice to do on server side, but I need the 
> ability to perform AND and OR queries in concert with one another. For 
> example, let's say I want to find everyone who's name is Paul or who's 
> name is Gary or who's name is Lee who has Brown hair? That would mean 
> I need to look up everything where (name=Paul | name=Gary | name=Lee) 
> & hairColor=Brown. Do I need to extend the IntersectingIterator or the 
> IndexedDocIterator and making my own that will allow full query 
> criteria as input?
> -- 
> Corey Nolet
> Senior Software Engineer
> TexelTek, inc.
> [Office] 301.880.7123
> [Cell] 410-903-2110

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