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From "Perko, Ralph J" <>
Subject Table design
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 20:46:30 GMT
Hi,  I am in the process of designing some Accumulo tables for an app and have some questions:

Lookup Table:
The data's natural qualifier is a title.  This title can be any length.  Some are as long
as 200 characters.
I am using this title as a row id and also as a column qualifier in other places.
Is it considered good practice to have a lookup table for these titles (like RDBMS), replacing
them with some incremented integer value, or should I just continue to use these long titles
as row ids?

Multiple Tables:
What are the best practices around when to create a new table?  I have been breaking up my
tables based on row id semantics.  For example, title row ids are in a different table than
row ids based on some analysis count.
Does breaking up data into multiple tables, help/hurt/ or do nothing for accumulo performance?

Ralph Perko
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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