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From John Armstrong <>
Subject Filtering rows by presence of keys
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 16:02:27 GMT
Hi, everybody.

I'm looking around to see if this sort of functionality already exists. 
  I've got a table holding objects that looks like

<UUID>	<Type>:<Field>	<Value>

I'd like to mark objects as "active" or "inactive" by adding keys like

<UUID>	ACTIVE:----	----
<UUID>	INACTIVE:----	----

and then set up an iterator to return the previous entries if and only 
if the row contains an ACTIVE column family.

I thought that at the meeting a couple weeks ago a pattern was described 
to return joins using an IntersectingIterator: set up one iterator to 
return the field value entries, another one to return the ACTIVE 
entries, and then return only the ones I want.  But looking at 
IntersectingIterator itself, this doesn't match up with my mental picture.

So is there a known pattern matching this sort of thing? Any suggestions 
on crafting one?

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