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From Billie J Rinaldi <>
Subject Re: Run Accumulo on Hadoop 0.23?
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 21:31:26 GMT
On Friday, April 27, 2012 2:49:17 PM, "Lin XIAO" <> wrote:
> The README file says Accumulo is tested with hadoop version 0.20.2.
> The shell script bin/ actually checks the Hadoop version and
> says that Accumulo requires Hadoop version 0.20.x. I've tested
> Accumulo with Hadoop 1.0 and didn't see much difference.
> We're thinking to upgrade our Hadoop cluster to 0.23, so I'm wondering
> whether there's any problem to run Accumulo on top of it.

Accumulo will not run on Hadoop 0.23 yet.  I just installed the 0.23 jars locally to see if
I could get it to compile.  I had to make changes to most of the pom files since the jars
have been restructured, but there were other minor issues as well.

I've created ACCUMULO-564 to address this.


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