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From Donald Resnik <>
Subject trouble with accumulo init in cloudera VM
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2012 16:46:11 GMT

I am trying to load accumulo 1.3.5 in my cloudera demo VM 0.3.7.  Here is
what I get when I try to run init:

cloudera@cloudera-vm:~/accumulo-1.3.5-incubating/bin$ ./accumulo init
29 15:33:16,959 [util.Initialize] INFO : Hadoop Filesystem is
29 15:33:17,216 [util.Initialize] INFO : Accumulo data dir is /accumulo
29 15:33:17,216 [util.Initialize] INFO : Zookeeper server is localhost:2181
Instance name : eci_instance

And then it hangs on the instace name, I never get a password prompt.
Hadoop is running, but I never see the /accumulo dir

I believe I followed all the config steps from the Admin section of the
docs.  I have password-less ssh configured.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



Don Resnik
Expert Consultants Inc.
410-854-1756 (desk)
240-381-9412 (cell)
301-957-2270 (ECI office)

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