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From Todd Stavish <>
Subject Re: Accumulo On MapR
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 17:08:43 GMT

> Did you gather any performance numbers?

A comparison is the end goal. I am in the planning stages and could
use some guidance.

> If so, how did it compare to HDFS? And are there any plans to try it on a larger cluster
(I'm assuming you were working with one VM).

Yes, so far, I have deployed MapR\Accumulo to a single VM using
accumulo shell as a smoke test. My plan is to run it in multinode
testing on EC2. I saw a good write-up on that
describes setting up cloudera to run in EC2.

1. How many nodes should I run to have it be a meaningful test?
2. RC5 seems to have some memory allocation \ config issues. Wait for RC6?
3. Is /test/system/continuous sufficient to test?

The MapR guys have offered to allow me to test on real hardware. So we
could have an EC2 comparison against real servers as well. Also, Mapr
has a Whirr setup. Trying to figure out if I should create one for
accumulo too?


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