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From Todd Stavish <>
Subject Accumulo On MapR
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 21:31:52 GMT

I followed all of the setup / initialization steps. However, when I
ran accumulo init, it hangs on naming the instance.

mapr@mapr-desktop:/opt/accumulo-1.3.5-incubating/bin$ ./accumulo init
14 14:15:24,536 [util.Initialize] INFO : Hadoop Filesystem is maprfs:///
14 14:15:24,584 [util.Initialize] INFO : Accumulo data dir is /accumulo
14 14:15:24,585 [util.Initialize] INFO : Zookeeper server is localhost:2181
Instance name : test

Init doesn't seem to produce any logs (at least not in the
accumolo/logs dir), is there a verbose mode or something that can help
me figure out where it is failing?


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