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From Joey Daughtery <>
Subject Scan for keyword
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 18:12:30 GMT
I am new to Accumulo.  I have figured out how to store the data, load all
based on scanning with new Range(), and loading a specific row based on new
Range(id).  However, if I want to locate a row that has a specific value, I
am not sure how to approach this programmatically.  Can someone give me
some insight on how to do such a scan?

Also, I have seen several examples of how to populate the Mutation object.
Specifically, I see:
mut.put(new Text("column"), new Text("NAME"), timestamp, new Value("John");

mut.put(new Text("NAME"), new Text("John"), timestamp, new Value("John);

Could someone indicate which is the correct way to store the data or
indicate why one would use one approach over the other?



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